Comment: I'm anarchist except for a court system

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I'm anarchist except for a court system

I've read Bob Murphy's Chaos Theory, and I was not convinced by his examples of insurance companies protecting property rights in a stateless society. It was incredibly interesting, and at some points gave me the chills (in a good way), but to me it just seems like another entity will arise that functions as a state, whether we call it the state or not.

I support competition among States with their court system, which in a way is the same concept as Murphy's insurance companies, so I'm not sure if a truly stateless society is even possible. I do think though that the court system should be voluntary and not paid for in taxation.

When I explain anarchy to people, I explain it as a limit in calculus...

We should always be approaching a stateless society, and working all the time to make the State smaller and less powerful, but as we approach it we will probably never get there. It might be impossible.