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Too easy

to counter your points.

Bitcoins DO have value outside of dollars. See here for the exchange rates it has in other currencies like euros, yen, pounds, etc. I only quoted dollars because that's what many are familiar with.

If people don't use them?!? People ARE using them. There are now 162 players using bitcoins to play poker at SealsWithClubs. (Incidentally, when I last posted here about that site there were 93 players on average playing.) There are hundreds or thousands playing the new provably fair lotto site There are many others buying/selling things in the marketplace section of the popular Bitcoin forum, and who knows how many other countless places on the Web and in real life.

One bad story coming out? You have no idea. There have been stories of Senator Charles Schumer condemning Bitcoin because it makes the drug site Silk Road possible. Stories on hacks of bitcoin exchanges, stories of scams people fell victim to, stories about how it's not "really money" from "people who know" lol. Still Bitcoin marches on...