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Small temporary footbridge

My husband built a small footbridge by taking an old farm gate, screwing plywood to it, and then tacking down roofing material so we won't slip so bad when it's icy in the morning. He laid it across a narrow portion of the stream.

In the article, it says the washed out area is only 10 feet wide. No, it's really more like 25-30 feet wide.
We laid down stepping stones on the approach to the footbridge on each side so we won't make mud. DFW is very worried about any mud near the edge of a stream because the fish don't like sediment in their water.

My husband has used his ATV to take our garbage cans and bales of hay across, but we are trying to be very cautious as they have threatened to throw my husband in jail before. In fact, when DFW first visited me in March of 2011, they came with an officer wearing a badge and a gun who ran a criminal background check on me. He didn't find anything, not even a parking ticket. But, I was very hot under the collar that they assume I'm a criminal because an act of nature washed away part of my driveway.