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In anarchism...

Well, the rights are stripped from us today by the very people claiming to protect them. If for instance, a cop forced himself onto my property to seize assets (for IRS), in a free society, I would shoot him (after a warning of course). The only thing that would stop me today is knowing that I would be dead within hours from a mini army.

In an anarchism, I would be less likely to be harassed, and if I was, more capable for defending myself.

In terms of your age, skills, etc. I can understand that. But let me say that no man is an island. That is what friends, family, church, charities, and neighbors are for. For the rare circumstance that someone tries to take advantage of you. Their is strength in more than a weapon. There is power in relationships, far more power.

But generally speaking, most people are decent folks and do not behave badly unless pressed into through their own survival need. There would, in theory, be far more prosperity so the likelihood of being taken advantage of would be less.

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