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We've been in touch with a bankruptcy lawyer

His advice to us has been to walk away. My husband is not ready to do this. We have perfect credit scores and all our money is invested in our property. And, walking away is not so easy as we would have to literally "walk away" with whatever we want to take with us carried on our shoulders as we only have a small footbridge for leaving the property. We have livestock, farm equipment, shop equipment, furniture, appliances, etc.

The opinion of the bankruptcy lawyer is that we could just stop paying and the bank would very likely not be interested in foreclosing on us once they find out what we are facing with Fish and Wildlife. No one anywhere up here wants to touch any property that DFW is fussing about. We could probably live here for 4-5 years payment free before anyone at the bank pushed on us.

But, this is so out of character for us that we are not ready to do that. I keep praying for justice.

About a temporary bridge--Fish and Wildlife is actually open to that idea. But, we still live in the city limits and the planning department wants a engineered bridge with footings and a certain weight rating that would support a fully-loaded water tender. They will put a stop work order on us and they've already sent a scary letter saying "The unpermitted alteration of a designated critical area (stream) in a critical area buffer is a violation of the City's Critical Areas Ordinance (PMC 16.20)." The critical area buffer extends 300 feet up from each side of the stream. (By the way, this stream is only a couple inches deep.) This ordinance was passed quietly without notifying ANY of the city's residents. Does that surprise you?