Comment: i'm no longer his support

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i'm no longer his support

i'm no longer his support base. he lost me before the primaries began in the last election, when he said he was for a flat tax. but apparently he was trying to make a point about the income tax. but he still said he was for it. i only donated 5.53 cents to him because of that. i'm poor anyways. but back in 2007-08 i donated over $337 if i remember rightly.

i'm glad you guys kept up the support though. i'm glad you guys cared.

i think my idea of just having a website called would be better. and he could use a vaporizer and inhale marijuana to recharge the brain.

i'm serious:

and he should just inhale marijuana and advocate homeschools.

i was the one who the original idea of "Flo" from progressive insurance. it was a ritual for the illuminati to think of ideas for t.v. shows and movies. the illuminati need humans because they lack creative impulses.

i liked my idea. the actress, Stephanie Courtney initially thought she was insulted, but then she came around to it. i was 21. i didn't remember it, but i saw the girl 10 years late. and i'm like, that was my idea. i'm not looking to collect any credit on it. illuminatis are not nice people to be around. they suck out your life force, just being around them.

say what you want about "flo" - i definitely understand why you would hate her. the problem is though that too many people like her. it was my idea.

so you guys better take me seriously: & funnel that idea back up to the top of Ron Paul incorporated.