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Comment: Really?

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Were you there? Did you see him trespass and tie these people down? Where did you get this information? Who are you? Why should I believe you?
Did you just gobble up whatever the TEEVEE told you?

If being around people who question events where certain precedents are set is considered fringe, then you can count me guilty as charged.

I'd offer that it is you and others who just take Anderson Cooper and Co. as gospel that are becoming the "fringe." Their credibility is diminishing by the day.

Since you seem to accept whatever the TEEVEE personalities tell you, I'll pose a question that didn't get any answers on AC's "show" last night.
"What happened to Dorner since 2011, and why did he drop off the map?" "What was he doing from then until now?"

You seem to know everything he allegedly did in the last few days, so tell me what he did in the last year. I mean, you guys were obviously close buddies right?

I'll accept the sound of crickets as your answer.