Comment: Maximizing liberty is good

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Maximizing liberty is good

I still do not understand why DP owner cringes from Gary Johnson and Rand Paul. Funny, that "purity" is demanded by our anarchists who themselves logically failed to explain how anarchism can provide basic security without uniform laws. If private property is not protected, no talk about individual liberty is possible. Even more funny, some our populists use friendship with Israel or flouride as a litmus test for a true Libertarian.

On the other hand, reason dictates us that ideology cannot be diluted too much. As Ayn Rand said - half water and half poison is poison; half reason and half unreason is evil. Acceptence of capitalism and separation of government from economy should be basic pre-requisit. Ideally, I would rather see us agreeing that sacrificing an individual to an abstract entity (god, universal neighbor, community, society, etc.) is wrong.