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I think

you've mistaken me for some libertarian purist elitist. I'm an elitist in certain respects like being part of the minority that actually cares about the direction of this country and wants its elected officials to ACTUALLY follow the Constitution, but I've been pretty indifferent towards Rand.
I donated to his Senate campaign twice and I don't even live in his state. I've been trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. I'm actually a friend of part of the Paul family here in Texas, missed.
What pisses me off is that the owner and other volunteers are running around trying to make the site "acceptable" to everyone, and there are STILL people who piss and moan incessantly. I guess this site can't be everything to everyone. So at some point you have to either love or leave it. (and I hate to use that reasoning) I actually like "Appeal" but he's becoming a bit of a pain in the ass, just like that Canadian was with his "GeeJay 2012" campaign. At least "appeal" actually LIVES in the US and is involved, which I can respect.