Comment: I'm with you bud. I don't

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I'm with you bud. I don't

I'm with you bud. I don't know why a majority of the people on here are defending this guy. Clearly, he is a man who wanted to go out taking as many police officers as he can. There was a big gun battle in which TWO police officers were shot, and one killed. He took some people hostage and killed what 4 people total? Now people on here are crying because the law enforcement used a means necessary to neutralize the enemy. I would have burned it down too. The only way I wouldn't is if he came out waving the white flag unarmed. If any one of the softies on here are crying about due process, then we shoulda put a firearm in their hands and have them breech the cabin this highly trained criminal was held up in to arrest him. The man was offered due process, he turned it down and went on the largest manhunt in history, guns blazing.