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Crimes are on the rise

because today's government policies do not protect private property - in fact, they undermine it (majority of Americans today do not support individualism, capitalism and unregulated private property.) Under capitalism, it is not perfect but better than under anarchism. Consider this:

A fraudulent company had defrauded a customer (say, Mr. Smith) and left the state without a trace. After 6 months, an insurance company that covers detective work (Mr. Smith holds policy at) informs Mr. Smith that detectives had spent the upper limit of the insurance policy with no success. Mr. Smith has no money to hire private investigators to check if his insurance company or the detectives actually did their job or just pocketed money. In any case, he has no hope that the same wont happen again and again.

Now substitute the fraudulent company with a gangesters who kidnapped your daughter to harvest her kidneys for black market.