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The Manipulators are doing quite well

No.....The Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Morgans, Wall Street, etc. are all doing very, very well.

It's the middle class, and average people who have been screwed over, and its the American quality of life that has "ended badly".

Any study of History would show that...and show that those guys always retained the control. They are rich beyond anything you or I could ever hope to imagine. And they control the policy, the World's Resources, and the key multinational corporations & Industries.

Your own post itself shows that J.P. Morgan will not be prosecuted. The CFTC is bought-off, and they're not going change anything.

So I'm not "bad mouthing" Metals. I'm bad mouthing the Manipulation. I'm pointing out that the marketplace is controlled. There are no normal "laws of economics" here in a fraudulent, controlled market.

And this isn't an "agenda". This is just simply the truth.
I would like to be proven wrong.

But as I pointed out, there is no "one more silver sell off" here. That is factually just a lie. The manipulation has no serious way of being stopped, because even shortages do not matter when you can flood the market with phony gimmicks.

Understand: They will always have the ability to manipulate the price. That's the point.

Metal will always be worth something, I've never disputed that. But it will never relate to laws of economics in such a rigged and controlled system.

There is no $200/oz Silver, and no it is not "just around the corner" either (but $20/oz just might be......).