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did I state "everything" the media reports is a lie? I basically stated that they've been proven to lie, or distribute lies in the past. You should know that just from the Paul campaign/s.

All I'm asserting is that I do not know exactly what happened with the manifesto, the murders, the fire, or any of it because I wasn't there and didn't see it with my own eyes. And, no, I don't always trust the media for the reasons I already gave.

And yes, in this "information age" it is important to be extra vigilant, because bad info can come out as quickly as good.

If you look at many of these "big events" as you describe them, there is usually a precedent set.

After Charles Whitman shot a bunch of people from the UT tower, SWAT was introduced nationwide.
After the big shootout in L.A. with the guys in body armor, AR 15's became mandatory in squad cars across the nation.
After OKC all these "anti terror" laws came into place.
After 9/11, our rights started to become systematically dismantled.
After this incident, the lobbyists are salivating to provide drones for human capture on American soil.

It's called the Hegelian Dialectic. Problem, Reaction, Solution.

This event could have totally been organic and gone down the way you think it did, but that is not always the case. Things are not always as they seem..