Comment: Please. Some of those have written their wills for all to see.

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Please. Some of those have written their wills for all to see.

Public records reveal the truth as they knew it:

Many die feeling the world owes them. ~ Many die not realizing they were ever rich. Sad truth. Either way, sad.

John Jacob Astor American merchant. Died: 1848

Last Will: Nearly all of Astor's estate, valued at $150 million and perhaps the largest in the world at the time, went to his son, William Backhouse. Another $30,000, given to Alexander Hamilton, reverted when Hamilton was killed by Aaron Burr in 1804, before the will was probated. He also gave $100,000 to the Astor Library with the condition that the income from the invested money be used to buy additional books. This reference library became a part of the giant N.Y. Public Library.
J. P. Morgan, American financier. Died: 1913

Last Will: The male members of the family (one son, 2 sons-in-law) were willed $5 million outright. The distaff side (wife, 3 daughters) were left a total of $10 million, in trust, with the power to will the principal. Morgan's 3 sisters were not provided for, not from lack of affection, but because "the property which they already have makes the same seem unnecessary." His art treasures were given to his son, with the advice that they be placed on permanent display "for the instruction and pleasure of the American people." Morgan also gave each employee of J. P. Morgan and Co. a year's salary.

In a monetary world denominated in promissory notes, it is not clear who is wealthy. It is not clear how those convincing other they are wealthy (and we own them a living) came to the privilege of printing their wealth... And their lies about said same. Whilst others labored for their daily bread.

Please help others appreciate Dr Ron Paul's message. End the Fed.

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