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I have been coming here and reading the Daily Paul since 2007. I have wanted to post here many times but have never taken the time to sign in and involve myself in the discussions.

I missed Rand's speech last night and when I came home today from work I came to this site under the assumption that his speech would be linked on the page. It was not. I was surprised to see that I had to do some clicking around before realizing that this place was censoring Rand Paul topics.

Mr. Nystrom, I believe you may be a little oversensitive to emails and comments from participators here. I've seen you get mad a few times when people criticize the site or how things are ran. As a career minded man who works in the marketplace, I have learned over the years that criticism can be a very positive thing.

I understand that you want this site to be about Ron Paul... but if that is true why is the front page filled with links that have nothing to do with Ron Paul? Why do we allow these links to move up the chain and find their way to the top?

Pro liberty minded people have donated thousands of dollars to this web site over the last month or two. Seeing censorship on this site does not inspire me to want to donate or participate.

Just my two cents as a consistent observer of this web site.