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Foreign Wars:

Our foreign wars are caused by two things.

First, and primarily, currency manipulation. We enter into engagements to hide the fact that we are bankrupt and to prop up the dollar with threats of violence.

Eliminating legal tender laws, would open up competition in currency and make the propping up of the dollar irrelevant. This is consistent with NAP, can be implemented now, and is a valid post-state solution.


Second, acting as a private army to hoard resources, both human and asset based in service to corporate interests.

Eliminating the artificial mechanisms that protect corporations from risk, would prevent them from engaging in these activities, and make them far less profitable when they did. This requires repeal of the 14th amendment, and an elimination of limited liability laws.

Achievable now. In line with the NAP. And valid as a post-state solution.


Doing these two things eliminates the artificial motivation for engaging in rampant genocidal wars across the globe.

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