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This would likely be based on the rules set forth in whatever community you were a part of.

My HOA prohibits me from parking my car in the fire lane. If I do so, I have agreed by signing the documents to live here, that they have the right to tow and impound. It's voluntary. They cannot stop me from moving, and they can demand no more/less from me than what is in the contract that I agreed to. Why is it so hard to believe that a community couldn't set rules on NAP violations like murder (or anything else, really). They would also likely provide security (some of them would anyway), which is far better to have active protection than a homicide investigation (

I also pay a nominal fee, which covers their expenses for services provided like water/trash. Once again, it is voluntary as I could simply move to a different community if I so desired, which creates competition for "customers" which in turn produces the most desirable outcome for individuals as communities try different things to compete for your "business".

(As I recall, average tax rates in Switzerland are around 1-2% because they define them at a community level and the communities compete for revenue by lowering their profit margin.)

As I mentioned, the UN and other world organizations have no authority over any nation. But they perform their role through consensus, courts, and contracts(treaties), etc.

The United States actually does prohibit you from leaving their jurisdiction in MANY ways, which I can go into detail.

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