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Your HOA styled approach and comments to support

it are not much different than a minarchist's approach. A minarchist rallies behind State power over Federal, where you can move to a different State if your state offends you and you can't get it to change to your liking. Your smaller HOA approach just increases the number of possible groups even as it doesn't mention anything about the HOA's becoming large like a state. We can address that later if you like though.

"I also pay a nominal fee, which covers their expenses for services provided like water/trash. Once again, it is voluntary as I could simply move to a different community if I so desired, which creates competition for "customers" which in turn produces the most desirable outcome for individuals as communities try different things to compete for your "business"."

Other than the nominal size difference in your HOA and a minarchist's state sized group, I would say we agree on that. Competing, truly competing though, service providers is a good thing.

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