Comment: Here is why the state based version fails.

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Here is why the state based version fails.

There is no competition since so much is currently defined at a federal level. There are relatively few things that differ. Furthermore, the federal government lays claim to you. You are NOT allowed to leave the jurisdiction, under any circumstance (except with certain special permission which we can discuss later).

Further, the states are bound by federal law to behave a certain way. Abortion is one, minor, example. Legal mechanisms. Election laws. Legislature bodies, etc, etc, etc.

As an example of competing laws. States do compete on a relatively few minor points. And murder is in fact one of them. It is not a crime in the federal system. Go figure. Shouldn't it be a law if it is so important to have a law?

Florida for instance gives me the right to put a bullet in anyone that steps on my property without permission. While states like California, will potentially put you in jail for life for defending yourself against an armed intruder.

Size is irrelevant. If a community grows in popularity and becomes large, it is for good reason. Only the competition and voluntary structure matters.

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