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irrespective of any man...

...does mankind have access to God's Word? Was it preserved, allbeit by the hands of sinful men handling it, and getting it to the printing there an actual accounting of God's revealed Word, so that man is without excuse when he rejects it by choice...and...ends up in a Christ-less eternity?

Did the founders reverence a Creator of their own minds, or, did they pray and court the FAVOR of the God of the Bible who gave His only begotten Son?

The wisdom of our founding, the perpetual longing for Liberty and the urge to secure God-given rights comes from something; and although the ecumenists want to say it's from our inner-female emotions, and follow your Jeremiah 17:9 desperately wicked human heart and make up your own code of conduct; I have to remain dogmatic that that 1611 KJV is a good place to start, as well as agree to long for them marginal notes...because, after all, it seems that's what the contemporary progressive church "leaders" are attacking that the most...hmmmm