Comment: Because most of us don't

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Because most of us don't

Because most of us don't believe a damn thing that comes out of the media? I have no idea who this guy was, or what he was actually guilty of. What I do know is that one of the most corrupt and authoritarian establishments on earth wanted him dead so badly they were willing to massacure innocent civilians to get at him. Who is going to face charages for the corpses in the LAPD's wake as they randomly shot up vehicles that sorta looked like his?

The other thing I know is that if any of us refuse to give up our guns when the nazis come for them, the news is going to tell the rest of the country that we are dangerous terrorists guilty of vast crimes against humanity, and the mindless sheep out there are going to believe it. Then some people will be called "fringe" for doubting the government's narrative and defending a "criminal."

As we no longer have due process in the country, how the hell are we supposed to know whose a criminal and who isnt? Just take the word of the same Mainstream Media who pretended Ron Paul wasn't in the race and that the NDAA doesn't exist?

When someone lies to you over and over again, who are the fringe and fools? The ones who no longer believe what they are told, or the ones who do? When a criminal organization tries to tell me who is a criminal and who isnt... I have my doubts.