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Minarchists advocate enough government for courts and basic functions.

Anarchists advocate no monopoly on courts, taxation or any services.

Minarchists advocate enforcing their laws on my land.

Anarchists advocate competition in law and legal systems.

It seems you need to read more on anarchism, not the other way around.

Our viewpoints are very similar. Ours just happens to be morally correct as well as market effective.

And honestly, I do think many anarchists do a poor job of explaining this down to the finer points. You are correct in that. I can do so, as I have proven. I just dislike doing it, because I find the conversation less than useful since it will not happen anytime soon, and I do not argue for mechanisms. I only am explaining how I would see things come to their natural conclusion.

It also get's confused because most anarchists would like to ignore physicality when discussing mechanisms, which is just not in the realm of the realistic.

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