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Comment: Up top again on - Choice in law.

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Up top again on - Choice in law.

In an anarchistic society, if for whatever reason I was fed up with all the choices available to me for jurisdiction, I could save money or pool it with other folks to buy land and create a new jurisdiction.

Now suppose, we built beautiful homes and hoarded gold in the floor boards and so we decided we needed someone to protect us from outsiders and even each other since we just didn't think we had the manpower to do it ourselves.

We could review what amounts to contracts provided by various security/property management firms, and agree to select one to oversee our security. The contracts would include whatever rules and regulations that they would enforce and that we would agree to.

If it was a partnership purchase, just like any business each of us would have a say in the selection based on how much stake we owned in the property, etc.

(Remember that the original constitution prior to amendment held only land owners could vote... Ever wonder why?)

If for some reason, we decided we didn't like their laws any more, we could switch, or renegotiate the contract.

If an individual didn't like the laws decided on by the rest, they could sell their stake, create a new community and start all over again.

Law according to market mechanisms.

Something to ponder. Contracts are treaties between individuals.

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