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I agree with you and now see

I agree with you and now see that I had used an unfortunate wording in my "crux" comment which did not comport with what I intended to relay.

What I meant was that it was good to see people arguing about questionable Rand Paul moves. It shows that principles matter to our movement for liberty and the Constitution. If we backed down on any of these principles by letting Rand, or anyone else, "get a pass," then the momentum and self-coherency for our movement's ideals would have been lost. Standing up for our principles is what I meant by the "crux of our movement."

So, I see it as a positive that people are so well educated and principled in our movement that they call out any and every politician that panders and supports the establishment's standard of tyranny over liberty.

People that support neocon pandering and semi-promises need to be educated so that they, and everyone else reading the responses, will become stronger themselves. That's one net positive effect of arguments that we will be missing now that Rand has been corralled off.

I'm sick of Rand and beyond disappointed in him, so I won't be bothered by not seeing him all over this site anymore. I just hope that we can still reach the ones who are lost.