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Notice my signature

First.. jon, GREAT JOB! THANK YOU!!!!

Now, I approve of the and do not feel it is dividing anything on DP. As an elected republican who is preparing to attend my CA GOP convention, and am being swamped with political letters, I'm actually reading and replying.. is a great tool for me. It enables me to show republicans RAND, unbiased.. it's ALL things Rand, good, bad, ugly and right on. It gives the veiwer the ability to make up their own mind.. and if they like it,, then they can check out DP.

I think it's a win/win for all of us.

I intend to make business cards with and pass those out at te convention.. want to make sure karl rove gets one too.

www.randwatch is a great tool and I hope those who think it's not, reconsider and see it for what it's worth: opportunity to grow the GOP (restore the republic through education, freedom of information and access).

Thank you MN!