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Well, I certainly agree with you that Bitcoin is not the same as gold. Yes, gold is probably more durable as a store of value.

However, what I think you fail to understand is that neither I nor most other proponents of Bitcoin advise ditching gold/silver for Bitcoin. Rather, we advise using gold/silver for what they are best for, which is storing value, and use bitcoins for what they are best for which is exchanging value. People can use both. A big misconception is that Bitcoin is meant to be superior to everything on earth. That's not the goal at all. It has its own unique strengths.

As for Bitcoin only having "a run" and not being around hundreds or thousands of years from now that's possible and perfectly fine too. I don't think the dollar will be around much longer either, yet it has had a long run, which continues to this day. Are you saying you don't use dollars at all? Right now bitcoins can't be beat for what they are good at. That will probably continue for quite a while.