Comment: Response to Lew Rockwell (Don't Bite The Hand That Feeds You)

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Response to Lew Rockwell (Don't Bite The Hand That Feeds You)

Never thought the day would come when Ron Paul and Lew Rockwell would cry price gouging to the UN's World IP Police.

Ron Paul IS using the state to steal somebody's property.

The ICANN Cybersquatting Rules you reference were passed by no other than ... Bill Clinton in his Consumer Protections Act. I guarantee that Ron Paul would have railed against that bill if given the chance.

You said, Ron Paul didn't feel like he could bring a claim as a public official. Now that "he's freed" he can.

Barack Obama's Presidential Campaign confiscated one of his supporter's sites. He was an Illinois Senator at the time. Hillary Clinton did it as well. From the sound of things, you probably consider Dr. Paul in good company.

The more rational reason Dr. Paul didn't file the claim sooner, seems to be that he needed free labor for his two presidential campaigns, the Campaign for Liberty and Rand Paul's Senate Campaign. All of those things were supported by the owners at And all of those things MUST HAVE VOLUNTEER SUPPORT. So it looks like it was in Dr. Paul's best interest, at the time to let free labor manage it. Otherwise, he would have had to hire more staff.

He could have brought a lawsuit in US government courts, but didn't you say. Of course not. It would have cost a fortune. So, because they registered the site in Australia, he had no choice, but to go to the UN's World IP Police. (By the way, Lew. Nobody can opt-out of the ICANN policies, as you know. If you want to purchase a domain name, it's mandatory that you agree to ICANN's and the site's policies by checking a box as you're checking out. In addition, you agree to your credit cards policies, your internet provider's policies, your local, city, state and federal government's policies from where you're making the purchase, etc.)

Here's an idea. Why not negotiate with the owners before going to the IP police? According to, Ron Paul never made a single phone call to the owner to express interest in the domain. Why wouldn't he just call and speak with the guys? If Dr. Paul was concerned over his trademark, why didn't he call them in 2008 - 2012?

Dr. Paul never owned the site. Ever. It's not like he once purchased it, then forgot to renew it. It was never his to begin with.'s owner apparently purchased the domain in 2008 for $25,000 on Ebay. Then, invested 5 years building, growing and managing the site and social media accounts. didn't rank when they purchased it. Not at all. Someone commented that they could've used any other domain and received higher rankings than with

They consistently wrote and posted articles, built leads, drove traffic, advertised, built and managed social media, etc. Running a website is hard work. They didn't add merchandise until later to finance their activism.

During that period, they drove traffic to Ron Paul's official sites, i.e., the2008 Campaign, Campaign for Liberty, Rand Paul's Campaign and the 2012 Campaign. They supported all money bombs, book releases, fundraising activities, petitioning drives, etc.

It's disingenuous (at best) to depict them as freeloaders when you know the opposite is true. Dr. Paul made out like a bandit on grassroots support and saved his fundraising revenues that should have been spent on media buys in key areas. In fact, his money bomb advertised Ron Paul vs Romney. I'm still waiting for that debate.

It took a lot of hard work to do what's owners managed. Selling t-shirts and merchandise is not exactly the path to the Forbes 100.

So now you think Ron Paul's entitled to the domain because Bill Clinton put loopholes in the law?

Tell me, Lew. Why can't Ron Paul privately negotiate with the site's owners at this point? He has made out like a bandit from fundraising activities, book sales, etc the last five years off. And I'm happy for him. And I'm happy to have contributed. But it was a huge financial, professional and personal sacrifice for many of us. These guys deserve far more respect than you're giving them.