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The employee cannot act as separate from the corporation under the corporate personhood setup. Every action they perform, has the responsibility relocated to the corporation.

Here is an example to help you understand more directly:

Through a combination of decisions made by various employees, it resulted in the transmission of HIV to hemophiliacs (over 5000).

Now, these employees, made decisions to support the bottom line, which caused the company to commit what otherwise would be a criminal act, but because they are able to hide behind paperwork, responsibility diversion, ethics policies, etc etc, they are not even required to name the decision makers and claim no wrong doing.

If I personally, as a business person, sold contaminated blood products that caused a fatal disease in 5000 people, I would be tried and convicted of mass murder.

Bayer pays a few bucks, claims no wrong doing, and the problem goes away.

This happens on a larger scale, daily.

In addition, they are allowed to cause events that harm people and property without responsibility (like pollution, etc) by hiding behind these same policies. All acts that would get us thrown in jail for the most part, but no employee or owner suffers that fate. And yet, they retain the profits.

Because of that, employees decisions boil down to how much will it cost the company if we get caught instead of will I go to jail.

Owners of these companies are the ultimate beneficiaries of these profits, and in fact employees WILL go to jail for defrauding investors.

All of this is created from the moral hazards produced by both limited liability and corporate personhood.

Does that help?

Please feel free to ask me to clarify anything.

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