Comment: I never seriously questioned

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I never seriously questioned

I never seriously questioned this until last night...the, "shootout," was taking place at the same time Obama was reading his State of the Union address.

That is just a tad too convenient for me to call it a coincidence.

Was Christopher Dorner's rampage really just another psyop?

I do not doubt that people died, but I do doubt who was pulling the trigger.

In the wake of Obama's gun grab, many Americans have been getting ready to go to war with the government, literally. Gun and ammunition purchases are exploding. People are getting ready...

But, along comes another shooter.

Dorner was upset with his professional command at LAPD, (the People were upset with the government) and he decided to take matters into his own hands....

Look at the perceived results. Perception is key - You will go down in a house of fire if you dare fight the government.

Sends a clear message, to all of those thinking of going rogue.

This morning my friend said to me, "Twitter exploded, everyone was saying Waco II."

Dorner's Revenge also helped amplify the gun grabbing agenda...people are afraid, and nobody is talking about Sandy Hook anymore either.

It's scripted. It's not all fake, I think...but something tells me that Christopher Dorner was cornered on Lincoln's birthday at the same time the president of the United States so happened to be delivering his State of the Union address...just to achieve the desired political effect.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.