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free legal aid

Maybe the most important thing for you to know is that you are not alone in that, there are going to be people in your community that will want to help you. Make your first letter, with copies to.. whoever you can think of, on line to your local editor, and if they refuse to publish it.. ask why, what you can do to get something published? There should be fraternal organizations, Lions.. Masons.. Knights of Columbus.. and while they prefer to help each other.. you never know who you might connect with that is moe than happy to step outside that fraternal box and help you.

Being that I, who live so far and can do little, feels the need to help you.. You write well.. so you really don't need help in writing a letter.. though you could have DPers proof it..

You need to write that letter breifly explaining your situaltion with the property, outline, and making a plea for help.

Your virtual friend, who admires, respects and prays for you. <3