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Comment: It makes sense to me

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It makes sense to me

Seems the guys who own are trying to figure out what's really going on? Suddenly Ron Paul needs THIS domain name? Or is this just another cybor cyte attraction for those who need to profit off Ron paul, but not directly.. in an indirect way.. gives them something to talk/write about, without having to educate.. why not bash and expose ron paul supporters, render the site dirt and get it for dirt cheap?

I love conspiracy and this is becomming more fun all the time.. know why.. conspiracy is when you don'y ger the whole truth.. like that Ron Paul newsletter.. conspiracy has it the ghost writer was Lew....

Now I don't care.. what Lew and Ron Paul have going on, if anything.. all I'm saying is this whole thing is way made for MSM drama.. except for us.. so what's really up?