Comment: I will give you my two cents...

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I will give you my two cents...

What do you want to be associated with? For me, and I can only answer this for myself, it is the truth. Seems plain and simple, and most of you will agree, but what is the truth? Reality can stare one in the face time and time again, but why don't we see? The answer is in knowledge and understanding. I think most here on this site crave knowledge, they do not run from it but like a good analytical thinker, delve into those topics that confuse or dismay their perceptions of reality.

To that I ask you this question: When did you wake up to reality and what is it that gave you that "Eureka!" moment? Do all things give you cause to search out the truth? Should we dismiss everything that makes us question reality and our own perceptions? I say no. Even if something is easily dismissed we should, as sentient, free humans, seek the truth to what end it provides regardless of it's source. Come to your own conclusions.

We are a tribal lot, us humans, and we are humanity. We band together with those who think like we do, yet as libertarian thinkers, we also believe in self reliance. There is a strong pull to stay with the group regardless of our desire to be free and this is the paradox that we must live if we are to be free. Acceptance.

Do not worry what associations you have, the only ones who really should care are those who wish to take away your liberty.