Comment: We mind as well stop playing the neo-con hope game too...

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We mind as well stop playing the neo-con hope game too...

Based on "things" like this...taking a moral stand on fundamental issues...the Karl Rove crowd WILL NOT, I repeat WILL NOT allow Rand Paul anywhere near the White House in matter how many times the Hannity-types give him airtime, no matter how many establishment GOP loyalists and right-wing talk radio junkies profess to like him!!!

A Rand Paul in the White House would most certainly run his campaign on all the angst and frustration the Republican leadership has heaped upon the constituents they LIED to; but....the PTB know, Rand Paul would strike from the books, every last obnoxious Executive Order that hints.of Marxism, Statism, Fascism, Communism, and dictatorial powers immediately, if not sooner, once he would be sworn in...

Rand the RIGHT thing...and he would be risking his life.doing so!!!

This game the neo-cons are playing, to boost their sinking ratings since they have such a CREDIBILITY problem; we must get ahead of it now!

As Dennis Miller would say; they ALL "like the cut of his jib"....but....we KNOW better! Everytime Rand takes a strong leadership position like this, or, on the TSA, Patriot Act, 2nd Amendment, NDAA etc....and the right-wing, pro-Israel unto America's destruction ignores is OUR JOB to make it news, and, OWN that position in OUR movement, with Oathkeepers and all of our allies(Gun Owners of America, Ben Swann) etc.

Got it gang? I want to reveal the right-wing media players for what they are...scum sucking vermin, who don't give a damn about our current financial state of affairs, or our posterity!!!

Let's do this!!!