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Comment: A total misunderstanding of Romans 13

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A total misunderstanding of Romans 13

And an equally inappropriate application of Hebrews 13. As I indicated, your exegetical skills are non-existent.

It probably wouldn't take 30 seconds to locate numerous sources on the Internet where you could learn the context of those passages and their proper application.

Nowhere in Scripture will you find any command to blindly obey a tyrant. Those who rule are bound by the same laws as the rest of us. That's why there's no divine right of kings in the Bible. The prophet Daniel openly refused his king's law under penalty of death. John the Baptist rebuked King Herod for his sexual sins and paid with his life. Peter continued to preach even though he was commanded by the governing authorities to stop. Paul used his Roman citizenship to challenge the Roman Empire. He spent a great deal of time in prison because he was seen as a threat to the Empire. Every one of Jesus' Apostles lost his life for defying the governing authorities, except John who was exiled.

Don't bring a pea-shooter to a gunfight.

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