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Comment: Memory lane

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Memory lane

"I remember when even "presumed guilty" people got a trial before they got executed" reads the post above.
A policeman's daughter was shot because her father was accused of a crime. No trial, no jury, no justice

Three policemen not accused of a crime was sentenced to death. No trial, no jury, no justice

Two people were detained without probable cause, held at gunpoint without charges. No judges signature, no probable cause, no justice.

A persons property was seized. The property was used to commit a crime, it was destroyed.

The man who did this violated every principle Liberty minded people believe.....and he is defended at the Daily Paul......

Chris Dorner burned that house down when he stole it and tried to kill people from it while professing and acting like a man who had no intent to live. The San Bernardino Sheriffs Department is not the LAPD, the residents in that neighborhood had NOTHING to do with the criminals complaints. Dorner ransacked their lives, killed one of their deputies and wounded another. Chris Dorner was hell bent to kill people.

Good Grief !