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How about THIS....MOVIE scenario~~

Dorner threatens to go public with all the corruption in the LAPD, after being slighted by them, and after he failed to win the verdict against the officer who needlessly beat a victim, THE victim Dorner had said had been beaten by a particular officer. Dorner sees on TV that they are accusing him of killing those two people, and he's beside himself with fear, FEAR of being framed, because he didn't have one shred of a motive in killing Quan's daughter & fiance, not one shred. Her dad was the one who had defended him. Even if he was unhappy with her dad, he NEVER would have killed them! So, he panicked, perhaps called his friend, then fled, and there began a hunt for him. He didn't want to go to prison for something he hadn't done, and he believed he coudln't fight the LAPD, so what choice did he have? He also realized the claim that he killed a fellow officer was completely false, too.

The story is convoluted, too. How could he have kidnapped those 2 women, then tied them up so loosely that they escaped? Are you kidding me? Right.
Who would have motive to kill QUAN's daughter and her fiance, too? Unless it was someone who wanted to frame Dorner! Also, it was reported that Dorner killed the officer inside his police vehicle. If so, where is the VIDEO TAPE? Answer, there isn't any! Hence, no proof existed whatsoever that he had killed anyone. And, think about this! There is no way in hell he would have escaped after killing the police officer in his car---no way. A chase would have ensued and fast. But, it didn't.

But, the point I'm trying to make is that WHY WOULD THE POLICE have torched that cabin....UNLESS they were the ones who under the dictate of the LAPD wanted to silence Dorner forever. Indeed, the only ones who seem to have a motive are the LAPD's Chief of Police, and perhaps others within the department. NDAA to the rescue. Yup, yup, yup.