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Ron Paul is NOT my

Ron Paul is NOT my leader...NOBODY is my leader, except God and my father. Besides those two leaders in my life, I am my own leader. This isn't about me, it's about Ron Paul's recent decision making.

A 5 year vet? Who the hell cares about me! 5 years, big whoop. Ron Paul is a 40+ year Freedom combat veteran, and he's throwing it all away by trying to settle a petty legal dispute outside of the document (and country) he so cherishes and loves.

WHY NOT get, "creative," to use the word loosely and start your own website, As if word of mouth on the internet wouldn't travel far and wide in order to satisfy Ron Paul's true recognition. - it's for sale, Ron! I'd act as earnestly as possible.

Somebody needs to hook Ron Paul up with right quick.

Ron're a freaking rock star. Protect your brand! If somebody is smart enough to create a domain name in your name, you should do your best to one up them instead of going to the ultimate Big Brother solution.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.