Comment: LOOK!! I Know Your DEAD Serious Lysiandad

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LOOK!! I Know Your DEAD Serious Lysiandad

You got to remember, this is pretty serious stuff we are discussing. Right?

So a little humor softens the discussion here. No need to go of half cocked and into deep depression...YET!

Don't count on our fellow Americans to wake up.

They, FOR THE MOST PART DON'T DESERVE FREEDOM. Look at what they have done with their freedom?

You and I lysiandad and a few others is all we have right now.

We have to prepare even though they may not..

The generation I grew up in were solid, sturdy minded patriots.

Most of the people I work with are built like praying a mantis. They are not rugged, they have no principles. They cower at a moments notice. They come to work drained, exhausted, uninformed. They are shallow minded creatures with little or no backbone. They listen to alot of crap on TV and ignore politics of the day.

Please, don't be overly concerned about your life or worries of the day. Our time is coming and you and I will go down if need be fighting the good fight for liberty.

Better to fight for a cause they to die a cowards death...Right?

Keep doing the good you have done and the good you can do and leave the worrying up to God..

There is help coming.

Like The Lord said Elija the prophet, "Don't dispair, for I have reserved 7,000 whom you know nothing about..."

Help is on the way....Believe it!