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Good for you, but you

Good for you, but you probably haven't studied political movements like our own revolution(Washington, Jefferson, Adams), the Indian revolution (Ghandi), the end of Apartheid South Africa (Nelson Mandela), the Civil Rights movement (MLK Jr), the Russian Revolution(Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky), Nazism(Hitler), Bolivian Revolution(Simon Bolivar) or the French Revolution(Robespierre, Danton) to understand the critical importance that the idealized leader plays in rallying and motivating people. And Ron Paul is a greater man than perhaps all of them when it comes to moral courage. This is exactly why the media tried to hard to smear Ron Paul the MAN, even more than it attacked the ideas.

If the guy starts drinking babies' blood, fine, pull the plug on the "fervor" that drives our movement, but until then you need to get your head in the game.

I don't feel that comfortable posting this by the way because only the top intellectuals here will undestand it without getting all selfrighteous and indignant. Plus it gives strategy away.

Ventura 2012