Comment: I'm not being dishonest in the least, you are.

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I'm not being dishonest in the least, you are.

"There is something preventing it in anarchism."

No there isn't anymore than the Constitution protects men.. Just because your guideline says not to do it doens't mean it's going to happen. That's about honest and realistic as it gets.

"The NAP allows for self-protection."

Yeah but I'm talking about the fallout if your defense doesn't work and you die wrongly on someones property where the person says "fuck you" I own this property, and I'm NOT coming off of it. :)

"No one has a right to take your life, but no one is required to defend you either. That is your responsibility to do, pay for, or beg for."

Yeah and in a perfect world everyone would abide by NAP and never get angry, lose their wits about them and commit murder.. so on and so on in almost infinite variations lol.

I have to get ready for bed. It has been good talking with you but I think we're going to have to agree to disagree and call it a night.

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