Comment: After speaking to a religious person today...

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After speaking to a religious person today...

I would like to share the public perception of Rand. Most conservatives love the fact he comes from Ron Paul. Rand is more diplomatic and understands what it takes to win elections. Rand is not nearly as polarizing as Ron to the average voting Conservative.

That being said.. Rand Paul better, sure as fuck... hire him a Lee Atwater. We are up against the most powerful forces in politics. There is a reason why the average voter does not know the party bosses.

History is complete when the victors dirty laundry is out to dry on public opinion. Ron Paul announced on Stossel that he won the Iowa primary and it was ignored. It was a 'dream'.

To believe that Ron and Rand do not strategize is complete fallacy. Ron understands how to be honest and Rand understands how he wants to win.

This may come back to haunt me... My personal belief is that Rand is doing what it takes to WIN. Look in the mirror while you ask yourself... What can you do to win?

I like Rand. He is as tenacious as his father on the Morton Downey Jr. Show. Just had a lifetime of going through it. Imagine believing in your dad's message and witnessing this shit.

I am personally proud of Rand. I understand that slave owners and Abolitionists formed a Union. Did their best to craft a document that could solve most of societies problems and still protect everyone.

The religious sect of the GOP likes Rand and so do I. We have better chances with Rand than Ron. Rand is not playing the game like his dad and I commend him for it.

A real leader steps up to the plate, looks to the best, brightest and talented.. and forms his own plan. Rand has been doing this since before he got elected. We did not elect Rand Paul. The state of Kentucky did.. with McConnell fighting him until he won the primary.

Now.. McConnell is for the legalization of hemp.

I would dare to say that our message is winning. As long as we are the most vocal and motivated we will continue to win.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul