Comment: I used to post a speach he gave over seas

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I used to post a speach he gave over seas

I think it was in Austria maybe can't remember. czech republic

Great speach.

Anyway it was funny cause he wasn't in the country and he had to explain to folks from another land how he gets elected running on pure freedom.

Anyway he almost made it sound like an Obama cling to your guns and bible thing. OK it wasn't even that close to bad, but I thought it was great! it was something like people think the constitution is great so that is what I use to explain to them what liberty is. If I didn't have that I don't think I would get very far because people don't really understand freedom, but they still believe in the myth of the constitution.

I am sure I got it all wrong and the minarchists always told me after they supposedly watched the speech that I totally was misinterpreting what he said. Lol