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Ok if you were serious?

It starts with a curency problem.
Are you aware of what fiat money is, Usury is, Digigized false compounding national debt?

False debt is used to justify forced submission. False debt Slavery

Power and Control enslavement of humanity by ownership of cental bank corporations that create and nations sovereign money, digitized at no cost then loan the sovereign nation its own money at a compounding debt using said digitized creation in unlimited quanties to own media control elections install puppet governments create weapons and control militaries, create wars all hidden under several layers of corporate ownership.

So disengage from the corporate entities and their goods. Need and use as little false debt based fiat curencies as possible.

Hope that sends you in a direction... perhaps use the internet for your own studying on the issues. Do a research on the history of what financialy preceeded the world wars.

A good start is do a search with the term Napolean, Rothschild, waterloo.