Comment: Is that news?

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Is that news?

I have known Hitlery would run in 2016 since the day she stepped aside for obummer in 2008. I will even tell you how Hitlery s going to do it. Here it is.

Hitlery will lay back and wait for everybody to forget about Bengazi...she will stay out of the limelight. Meanwhile, the artificial draft Hitlery campaign will begin.

When asked if she is going to run Hitlery will not say no but will give the indication that she does not want the job.

By the time it comes for the 2016 candidates to announce, the draft hitlery campaign....funded by millions of FRN's, will be in full swing.

Finally, Hitlery will announce that she really did not want the job but because she has beeen drafted, she will have no choice but to run, after all, she is the only one that can save America.

There ya go,