Comment: Why does our Ron Paul get automatic ownership? Zero sense.

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Why does our Ron Paul get automatic ownership? Zero sense.

I actually think it's pretty awful that Ron won't legally purchase what he deems valuable. What if the site owner's name were also Ron Paul? It's not that unique a name. Does Ron think he gets to own the site because he's the most famous Ron Paul? Do other Ron Paul's have the same right to sue Ron for using a domain under their names?

Fact is, the site owner bought the domain fairly. Perhaps he makes his living flipping domains like some flip houses. This is a valuable service for a free market society as it ensures domains go to those entrepreneurs who see the true undiscovered value in something.

Fact is, the legal site owner thinks the site has a certain value and isn't willing to sell it to anyone for less than that value. This happens in real estate all the time.

Fact is, Ron doesn't want to pay the price the seller is asking. Again, this happens in real estate all the time. Ron can either wait the seller out or buy elsewhere.

A domain is a piece of real estate. If disgruntled buyers are allowed to sue sellers for asking high prices under the misguided notion that it is the buyer who sets the price for the seller's property, then the world will go completely topsy-turvy. By suing this domain owner, Ron Paul is basically engaging in a variation of eminent domain where the government takes someone else's property and pays them for it at a price the government sets itself.

Pay up or shut up, Ron. It's completely embarrassing to Ron's legacy for him to pretend he has ownership of every domain name past, present, and future that is RonPaul. Does he also have automatic ownership of How about Where does it end? What if the domain owner legally changes his own name to Ron Paul, then does Ron Paul believe he can't sue because both their names are Ron Paul?

The more you think about the ridiculous of Ron Paul's assault on this guy through the courts, the more outraged we all should be. I love the man, and he's forever changed my life; but his personal interest in this situation is clearly misguiding his judgement. Unless you're a dunderheaded sycophant, there's just no other way to look at it.

**PS. Though I don't agree with Ron's actions or response to this situation, I totally understand his frustration. You see, some jackass Englishman has been holding my own name as his unused holding page for years and won't sell it because, as he told me, "I like that it's so simple." Dude is telling me he wants to keep my name as his domain (even though he's not using it) because he thinks my name is awesome?! Ugh! I could strangle the dude, but I can't for a moment pretend I have the right to steal his unused domain simply because it shares my rare name.