Comment: He wrote a manifesto

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He wrote a manifesto

He wrote a manifesto declaring his intentions and reasoning. He acted on it, striking at his enemies.

Of course he was never convicted, he didn't even survive to be taken into custody to be tried. There was allegedly a warrant issued by a court:

The point is, it was the LAPD decision to kill Dorner. Even though it is their duty to take him to be tried in a court of law, the LAPD wanted him dead, so they simply killed him. And media organizations, whose duty it is to expose this kind of thing, made a deal with the LAPD not to write about it.

LA Times quotes Riverside police Chief Sergio Diaz: "We are confident that Dorner will be captured and that he will face judgment for his horrific and cowardly crimes."

The murder of Christopher Dorner by the LAPD was horrific and cowardly. The point Dorner was making by embarking on a suicidal murder spree was that LAPD members carry out horrific and cowardly crimes yet they never face capture and judgement for them.