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Comment: Dear Oath Keeper, Thank you for standing your ground.

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Dear Oath Keeper, Thank you for standing your ground.

Dear Oath Keeper,

Thank you for standing your ground.

Disgusting, outrageous attitude they had towards you.

It's infuriating to read a story like this. I'm glad I'm not in the military. I couldn't have kept my temper. That's my weakness.

That's what we're up against:


The LIE started by reinterpreting the Constitution the way which serves it, THE LIE, best.

The LIE is now attacking the noun "Oath" - the very noun that is PRECISELY the protector shield against these reinterpretations, these attacks against THE TEXTS, which ought to remain understood by all the People - LITERALLY - IN ALL TIMES.

The most sickening thing is most of them are just coward sheeple following the few MASTER LIARS.

Same old, same old.

Accessorily they have VIOLATED your first Amendment rights:

was your shirt showing indecent nudity while kids were around?

I don't think so.

If "Oath Keeper" is not relevant AND appropriate in that context, I don't know what is.

The men who were around you rank high on the future lists of candidate brown shirts of THE STATE, if you ask me.


Now you know WHO they are.

Stay safe.

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