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Come folks help me out here

Come folks help me out here and keep this post bumped and voted up. This is one of the most important posts on this site ever. This knowledge needs to spread like wild fire. I know its not as sexy as some things but without this knowledge even our reps will not be able to restore the republic.

The constitution is the law of the land the fact that so many don't understand it and don't find it that important is why it has been suppressed and trampled. I can think of nothing more important at this juncture with so many attacks on it if we wish to save it. It should be taught right in the central committee meetings and in the schools and churches etc.

How can you expect the representatives and the judges and police officers etc. to uphold the constitution when they and even you do not understand it and how to use it?

Please take the time to learn from these links and then go and teach it!

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