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I remembered!

Here is a link to the original song with the chord progression:

And here are my lyrics:

Conservative Christian, right wing republican, straight white, American males,

Tree hugging, peace loving, pot smoking, porn watching, hippies that fill up our jails

All are enslaved by a currency based lie spewed by the 1% elite

Now we all stand together in crappy-ass weather to end their greed-economy.

Conservatives, democrats, gettin' past all that - - in search of freedom and peace.

skin color blinded, conspiracy minded, protesting corporate greed

We who have nothing and most likely will, till we all end up locked up in jail

by corporate goon-cops, and courts where justice flops, and prisons-for-profit set bail.

Diamonds and dogs, boys and girls getting together for a better world.

We dont' follow leaders up mountians of shame, we know that they are to blame.

To clarify, let me explain....:

The Fed and their debt notes, printed at interest then loaned out at interest again

Odious taxes they place on the backses of all of my peace loving friends.

By war and inflation the wealth of the nation was bled from 99%

from Conservative christian, right wing republican, straight white, american men.

and their tree hugging, peace loving, pot smoking, porn watching, barefootin' new hippie friends..

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.