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Comment: Eric Holder: an N-th Obama's minion. Constitution ENEMY #1.

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Eric Holder: an N-th Obama's minion. Constitution ENEMY #1.

Eric Holder: an N-th Obama's minion. Constitution ENEMY #1.

Let me explain.

Leave him 10 minutes with the Constitution - to reinterpret it his way - and what Ted Bundy would do to his victims for hours will look like a pleasant joke.

Tomorrow, expect the same Mr. Holder explaining you the first Amendment is useless anyway - and that, instead, (their) politically correct is enough to protect your speech.

Someone needs to lock this guy up. Others are on death row, you can keep him alive, in a comfy cell, with TV and books, and professional girls, why not, but please someone just lock him up FOREVER. Quiet.

Technicality: let the guy deny himself his right to a fair trial.

That'd be perfectly consistent with his thinking schemes.

This was one of his first tasks back in the days - with the courteous "stimulus" coming from the "American Recovery and Reinvestment Act":

By the way, have we recovered yet? How's the economy going four years later of sustained "stimulus" for recovery? LOADS OF NEW COPS, OK, we got that, but... besides?

Gov't: update, anyone?

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